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Dr. Ann Lee, ND, L.Ac

Licensed Naturopathic Doctor (VT)

Licensed Acupuncturist (PA)

University of Bridgeport, CT, Doctorate Naturopathic Medicine

University of Bridgeport, CT, Master in Acupuncture

Bucknell University, PA, Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering

Dr. Lee started her career as a pharmaceutical chemical engineer, sourcing raw materials for vaccines and helping to coordinate clinical trials for combination cholesterol-lowering drugs.  After being faced with the possibility of her parents having to take cholesterol-lowering drugs for the rest of their lives, she left corporate America to seek a more efficient and natural way to health.  After finishing the doctorate program for naturopathic medicine and master program for acupuncture at University of Bridgeport, CT, she decided to move back to her hometown in Lancaster to start her practice.

Dr. Lee began Health for Life Clinic, Inc. in 2010.  It is a unique practice incorporating alternative modalities, holistic naturopathic medicine, nutritional counseling, acupuncture, and combination homeopathy to provide personalized healthcare in Lancaster County.  She enjoys finding creative, innovative strategies that produce results for her clients.  Dr. Lee has helped many realize their dreams of growing a family as a natural fertility expert, and has become passionate about helping those with the greatest potential to pass healthy habits down generations.  “The cause of illnesses includes mental, emotional, and physical factors that all need to be addressed.”  Her clients say her genuine approach involves listening to all health concerns and helping them to understand their bodies for optimal health.

Dr. Lee's tools include Chinese TCM, Japanese style, Auricular techniques, electroacupuncture, Esoteric Acupuncture, Reiki from the Usui system of natural healing in accordance with the Usui Shiki Kyoho tradition (Level I and Level II), Karuna® Reiki, Chakra Balancing, Medical QiGong techniques, Access Bars, Healing Code, and Core Synchronism.  

"I love my work because every day I get to help others make revealing connections about their health that propels them forward in achieving their life purpose and goals."

Dr. Lee is married to Dr. Jared Heinz, of Heinz Chiropractic in Wyomissing, PA.

Licensed Naturopathic Doctors

A licensed naturopathic doctor (N.D.) attends a four-year, in-residence, hands-on accredited graduate level naturopathic medical program consisting of a minimum of 4,100 hours of class and clinical training: all biomedical sciences (physiology, pathology, biochemistry, gross anatomy, microbiology) in addition to clinical nutrition, botanical medicine, homeopathy, psychology, counseling, and physical medicine, as well as the latest advances in science in combination with natural approaches to therapy, disease prevention, and clinical techniques. For the final 2 years of the medical program, naturopathic medical students intern for over 1,000 hours of clinical work under the close supervision of licensed professionals.  Given the importance of hands-on, clinical experience for naturopathic medical students, the accrediting body for naturopathic medical colleges does not recognize degrees from online programs of study.  There are currently 7 accredited schools with 8 campus locations in the US and Canada.  A degree from an accredited medical school is required for licensure or certification by a state.  The exam required to qualify for naturopathic doctor licensure is administered by the North American Board of Naturopathic Examiners (NABNE).  Passing the Naturopathic Physicians Licensing Examinations (NPLEX) is required before a doctor of naturopathic medicine can be licensed by a state.  Her naturopathic license is currently from Vermont as Pennsylvania will be registering naturopathic doctors starting 2018.  The American Association of Naturopathic Physicians maintains a list of states and territories that license or certify naturopathic doctors.  [American Association of Naturopathic Physicians: http://www.naturopathic.org/]

Because Dr. Lee is not a medical doctor (M.D.), advisement of a medical doctor, M.D., in addition to the care received by Dr. Lee is recommended and encouraged.

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