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A different view when your body is failing you

posted Feb 26, 2016, 8:06 PM by Ann Lee
It feels as though your body is revolting and your thoughts go a mile a minute as to what can be wrong and perhaps something is seriously wrong. Granted feeling like a victim makes all the physical symptoms worse, but you cannot stop worrying. How to try to break the vicious cycle? Rather try to view the symptoms as your body's only way to communicate with you that something you are doing is not working for your body. Would you rather know that you are doing something harmful or would you rather silence your body with meds and wait for it to try to do something more drastic to get your attention? Just as we try to be better listeners to other people, let us try to be better listeners of our bodies - working with our bodies and not against them. For example many times those who are more sensitive feel that there bodies are weak but in actuality are being forced to being healthier because you have no choice but to avoid things that are harmful to the body. You are set up for long term success over those who develop cancer later and wonder why their bodies never gave them signals. Your body's signals are trying to help you!