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Be happy first

posted Mar 16, 2016, 7:47 PM by Ann Lee
Wonderful excerpt I came across recently from prolific living blog:

Be happy first, then . . .
. . . get the raise or promotion at work
. . . start writing your book
. . . plan the trip to Europe and go
. . . get the puppy, kitten, or kids
. . . pay off your debt
. . . get healthy and lose weight
. . . do your yoga
. . . enjoy your friends
. . . go to the beach
. . . take that dance class
. . . repair your relationships
. . . solve your challenges
. . . become the person you wish to meet and fall in love with

Here’s what happens when you are happy first. You begin to feel good about yourself. You begin to get confident about who you are.  When you feel good about yourself, the minutia of life’s problems has less power over you. Your mind clears up. The fog lifts and you can think clearly. When you think clearly, you make progress on your goals and projects and all your problems.  When you are happy first, you do more of what you love, so you can continue the amazing cycle of happiness.

Keep your happiness close and sacred. Stop exchanging present happiness for a future promise of one.

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