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Different styles of meditation

posted Apr 25, 2018, 3:31 PM by Ann Lee
- Breathing meditation: Focus on controlling inhales and exhales.  Longer exhales are calming, and longer inhales are energizing
- Bubble meditation: Take a deep breath in, and with a steady exhale, blow as many bubbles as you can letting the exhale release any tension you are holding onto
- Focused meditation: Concentrate on any of your 5 senses such as counting beads, listening to a gong, staring at a candle flame.  If your mind wanders, simply bring it back to your practice to refocus
- Gazing meditation: Staring at a fixed object such as a stone, tree, lit candle, or something that holds personal meaning, starting with a short length of time to gradually increasing
- Guided visualization: Listening to a pre-recording which will guide you through the meditation on relaxing your mind and body or focusing on positive experiences
- Heart rhythm meditation: Focuses on the physical and emotional heart with conscious breathing to coordinate breath with the heartbeat
- Lotus meditation: Visualize your heart as a lotus flower for a place of unconditional love
- Mantra meditation: Focus on a word, phrase, or sound by repeating aloud to help clear your mind
- Mindfulness meditation: Focus on your breathing and pay attention to the thoughts that pass through your mind without judging or becoming involved in them- just observe and take note of any patterns
- Standing meditation: Instead of sitting, stand in a relaxed posture with feet forward and shoulder width apart.  Mentally scan through your body to release tension
- Moving meditation: Meditate while you wash dishes, take a shower, or walk.  Slow down your daily activities to half-speed to be mindful and focus on your thoughts
- Dance meditation: Surrender to the rhythms of dance to help release tension and stir your own creativity
- Hand meditation: Notice the air touching your palms, fingers, and thumbs as you gently lift your hands into the air, imagining the energy field between your hands
- Qigong: Combining breathing techniques with low-impact exercise
- Tai Chi: Slow-motion movements to align the energy in the body and mind
- Walking meditation: Walk slowly with awareness to your posture and breathing deeply

Source: Circle+Bloom