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Do you need a venting partner?

posted Jan 18, 2016, 1:24 PM by Ann Lee
I know I have been resistant to creating a blog on this website since I have been in practice for over 5 years, and have finally come around to starting one.  Today I met with a patient who at the end of the visit said, "Thanks for letting me vent.  I really needed that."  I thought more about why she was coming in to see me which was neck and back pain.  Yes there is a physical factor involved with the pain, but the emotional aspect is often left unchecked because it is not always apparent.  It is amazing how often I see people's frustrations translate into muscle tension in the neck and back, or anywhere in the body for that matter.  Next time you are frustrated with pain, consider getting a venting partner so that you can get off of your chest anything that is bothering or frustrating you.  Just be sure to let your partner vent as well so that it is not a one-way relationship.  The more you are able to release your frustrations through awareness, the less your body needs to make you aware that something needs to be addressed.