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posted Apr 2, 2016, 2:33 PM by Ann Lee
I read an article by Derek Harvey, on how the difference between our expectations and our reality is what causes us frustration, anxiety, and depression.  So the next questions to ask are: 
Where did we get our expectations? 
Have these expectations that we have set for ourselves come from our parents, culture, media . . . and once we know where they come from, do they actually match our own values?
Are these expectations worth holding onto? 
If the expectations do actually match our own values well, are they worth going after, or can they be modified in any way to resonate better?
Is it practical to change our reality to get closer to our expectations?
If our reality is no where near our expectations, what concrete steps can we take to get there, and how can we make it an adventure to get there versus a journey full of aggravation?