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Homeopathic remedies for traveling

posted Oct 17, 2016, 7:46 PM by Ann Lee
A colleague, Eli Camp ND, recently shared on social media a list of handy homeopathic remedies to have on hand while traveling:

Any sting or bite that gets red, puffy, swollen, hot; COLD rag or soak makes it feel better.

Any bump, bruise or trauma. Something that you would expect to bruise up. Head injury.

Any suspicion of food poisoning with or without nausea, vomiting and diarrhea. Weakness and restlessness.

Headache or fever that comes on suddenly, throbbing pain, face feels flushed, hands and feet may be cold. Not so thirsty. Sensitive to light, noise. Key is sudden onset, flushed. Better in a warm room.

Any aches, pains, malaise in which being absolutely still helps you feel better.

VERY FIRST signs of a cold. Stuffy or runny nose, generally don't feel good but no specific symptoms. Cheeks may be flushed.

Any puncture wound. Bites that do not get hot, red or swollen.

Irritable, impatient. Any GI rumbling, excess gas.

If you drink too much alcohol. Cold, chills, better covered up, worse uncovering. Worse from draft of air, especially cold draft of air. Can also have a headache worse from light, sounds and movement.

Upset tummy shortly after eating / drinking cold things. Startling easily. Cough - burning and deep in chest. Running nose with blood in discharge.

If you are over exerting. Will be uncomfortable on first motion and as you get warmed up feel better. Back pain - worse on first motion, better with heat and rubbing. Would feel like you worked TOO hard, muscles sore.

Any cut with a sharp object like a knife.

Stuffy nose, alternating sides.

Any burn - sun, heat from cooking, etc.