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How to stay healthy while traveling

posted Feb 8, 2018, 1:53 PM by Ann Lee
1) Pack an eye mask as sleeping in a dark place will help to keep your circadian rhythm and hormones in sync.  Set the temperature of the room you will be sleeping in to a cool 68 degrees or less.

2) Pack bars, easy-to-carry fruit, veggies, nuts and seeds so you don't have to look to convenience foods while on the road.  Search for the closest grocery store at your destination so you can replenish your food supply as needed.  Make a grocery list up ahead of time so you know how much food to get to last you for the rest of your trip.

3) Pack immune-boosting supplements to help fend off microbes that your immune system is not used to while traveling, either through water, food, other people, planes, etc.  Oregano capsules are great to take while eating out.  High doses of zinc are great when you start to feel something coming on.

Happy travels!  Inspired by this article