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It may not always be a deficiency but rather excess

posted Feb 10, 2016, 8:02 PM by Ann Lee
I commonly get asked the question after listening to specific symptoms if they point to a deficiency in some vitamin or mineral. Sometimes yes, but not always. Sometimes it takes some investigative work to figure out the actual cause. One good example I can think of is one time when a patient commented that her lips were extremely dry, cracking and peeling what seemed like constantly. It was winter time, so first thoughts that came to mind was proper hydration or enough good healthy fats. Try coconut oil internally and topically, and drinking enough water. It helped a little, but the extreme dryness continued. Then I began to explore the possibility of her lips having an allergic response to something. This is where the fun and frustrating part begins almost similar to finding a needle in a haystack: paying attention to foods, body products, make-up, any sort of exposure to lips, even kissing someone who has had his or her own exposures. After trial and error, it turned out to be her commercial toothpaste. She switched to a natural brand and her dry lips resolved. Even though she has always used that brand her whole life, she eventually developed a reaction to it. Allergic reactions can happen any time, even if you never had any problems before. Mystery solved!