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Life lessons to learn before it is too late

posted Jul 6, 2016, 7:25 PM by Ann Lee
1. Resolve any conflicts as soon as you can, 'as bitterness makes the heart heavy.'
2. Simplicity is the truth of life.  'To find contentment in less is the secret to having more.'
3. Filter out people's bad traits.  Focusing on people's good qualities allow you to spend time getting to know them better, and maybe even loving them.
4. Be willing to seek help from others.  'Every person in the world knows more than us in some respect.  And their knowledge can help us, only if we are open to it.'
5. Find beauty in simple things.
6. Acceptance is liberation.  'Only once you accept your situation is when you become free to decide what to do about it and find a solution.'
7. Accepting everyone as the same makes service easier.  'When you treat everyone the same, you worry less about who might feel offended or not, and it makes your job easier.'
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