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Our gut bacteria helps us to detox

posted Mar 7, 2016, 7:25 AM by Ann Lee
Bacteria has the ability to share DNA in horizontal transfer and a gene pool with ways to break down poisons for over a billion years. We rely on our good bacteria to break down pesticides and heavy metals. Even though I see many patients for Candida overgrowth, Candida is a natural part of our microbiome and has been shown to protect us from heavy metals. Unfortunately it is very rare to see anyone who has never taken antibiotics in his or her life. Antibiotics have long-term effects on our microbiome, and it is important to keep it as diverse as possible. That is where probiotics may be beneficial, but if you do not notice a difference with taking them, you may need to do some investigative work to figure out which strains may be most beneficial for your case.