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Recognizing your relationship with time

posted Aug 29, 2016, 1:06 PM by Ann Lee
Sociological studies have identified 2 main approaches to time:
1. Monochromatic time or M-time: task, schedule, and procedure oriented; oftentimes do one thing at a time and keep work & personal time separate.  Can suffer from performance anxiety and feel compelled to hurry, prone to heart disease, high blood pressure, high levels of adrenaline.  M-time countries are Germany, Japan, England, US.
2. Polychronic or P-time: will do several things at a time, have flexible schedules, and place relationships with people at the center of their activities.  Never in too much of a rush, will easily lengthen or shorten arrangements and appointments.  P-time countries are India, Africa, and Mediterranean countries.
Most people combine both approaches, but have a strong tendency towards one.  Borrowing principles from one or the other may lead to a healthier approach to time, to have both work in harmony.  M-time people can adjust their approach by enjoying the journey and placing more emphasis on quality interaction with people.  P-time people will benefit by focusing on achieving identifiable tasks.  It also helps to recognize the time tendencies for the people that you work with, in order to prevent conflict and tension.  Communicating together preferred tendencies can help to figure out when each is appropriate for different projects.  

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