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Success over failure

posted Feb 3, 2016, 1:22 PM by Ann Lee   [ updated Feb 3, 2016, 7:12 PM ]
Today one of my patients reported that she has lost 100 pounds overall since she started a program.  She actually was not working on it with me, as we have been working on her anxiety, depression, and stress levels.  I have seen many patients have success with programs such as Weight Watchers, Take Shape for Life, Beach Body . . . there are so many programs out there.  But I have also seen many patients who go from the very same programs to the next, without any success at all.  So what is one possibility that separates some who succeed and some who do not?  I decided to ask my patient today what she thought made the most difference for her, since she had mentioned she tried many things in the past without success.  She replied that basically this time she made up her mind that she was truly sick and tired of feeling the way that she did, and was no longer looking for a quick-fix to get there.  She also mentioned that she stopped making excuses to herself.  She said in the past, she just did not have the right mindset to create success for herself, and this time she did.  It is amazing to ask ourselves what we can do to help change our mindset for increased success in any area of our lives.  More to ponder!