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The Onion Analogy

posted Jan 27, 2016, 1:02 PM by Ann Lee
Today one of my patients told me that what has helped her the most to persevere and keep working on improving her health, is when I told her about the onion analogy of the body's healing process.  The body heals in layers, just like peeling off each layer of an onion.  Our brain can only focus on the most pressing health issue at a time, so when one health issue gets addressed, our brain moves on to the next health issue.  So sometimes my patients return more frustrated because they expect that everything should be resolved at the same time, when in fact it occurs in layers, and each resolution is of something that has been buried deeper and deeper.  That is what makes our health journeys an absolute adventure.  When you can understand the process of healing better, you can feel more empowered rather than feeling like your body is failing you.  YOU CAN DO IT!