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Tips to support your relationship

posted Aug 8, 2016, 11:57 AM by Ann Lee
"Time, life conditions, and changing circumstances often push partners in opposite directions without them even realizing it."  Here are some tips to keep your relationship going strong:
1. Never stop dating.  Oftentimes the honeymoon period transition to boredom and mutual distance.  To keep it fresh and exciting, it is important to find time for each other when you can relive those amazing feelings.  Try the same activities you enjoyed when you first meet, or try something new that makes you laugh and feel special.  It always needs to be scheduled because spontaneity doesn't work anymore when you have a family.
2. Schedule time to talk without cell phones or TV.  Take time to sincerely listen and answer your partner.  Remember to say something nice.  You may feel distracted, but during this time keep your partner a priority.  It is important to make your partner feel important and understood.
3. Show your partner your love.  Everyone wants and needs to feel loved.  Do not ever assume that he/she knows.  Different people like to receive love differently- do you know what your partner prefers, as it may be different from what you prefer: attention, time, complements, help with chores, gifts, physical touch.  If you don't know, ask!
4. Learn how to fight.  Disagreements are part of relationships, so when they happen, they do not necessarily signal the end of your relationship.  Learning how to end disagreements on a positive note is key.  When you feel raging emotions, wait before speaking.  Start the discussion when you feel you have taken control over your negative feelings.  You will be able to think more clearly and understand the situation better.  Keep to a calm voice, and avoid interrupting your partner so you can understand him/her fully.  Avoid phrases like 'You always,' or 'You never.'
5. Love yourself.  If you accept and respect yourself, you will be able to accept and respect your partner more easily.  By taking care of your own needs, you will be able to nurture his/her personal desires as well.