What are Chakras?

Chakras developed from ancient India, and are now mostly associated with yoga. There are 7 basic chakras, and they all exist within the subtle body, overlaying the physical body, and can be seen to correspond to the 7 main nerve ganglia that emanate from the spine. Blocked energy in any of the 7 chakras can manifest in physical symptoms, so it is beneficial to understand what each chakra represents and what can be done to keep the energy flowing freely.

Root Chakra

Represents: Survival, grounded
Location: Base of spine

Color: Red
Endocrine nerve ganglia: Adrenals

Obstacles to free flow: Fear, financial stress
Goals: Stability, trust, physical health

Sacral Chakra

Represents: Relationships, sexuality, desire
Location: Lower abdomen
Color: Orange
Endocrine nerve ganglia: Reproductive system

Obstacles to free flow: Guilt
Goals: Manifest, pleasure

Solar Plexus Chakra

Represents: Power, will

Location: Upper abdomen
Color: Yellow
Endocrine nerve ganglia: Pancreas
Obstacles to free flow: Shame, low self-esteem
Goals: Vitality, purpose, confidence

Heart Chakra

Represents: To love and be loved
Location: Chest
Color: Green
Endocrine nerve ganglia: Thymus
Obstacles to free flow: Grief, jealousy, isolation, critical
Goals: Self-acceptance, compassion, joy, peace

Throat Chakra

Represents: 2-way communication
Location: Chest
Color: Turquoise
Endocrine nerve ganglia: Thyroid
Obstacles to free flow: Lies
Goals: Creative expression, feeling heard and listening, truth

Third Eye Chakra

Represents: Seeing the big picture
Location: Forehead between eyes
Color: Indigo Blue
Endocrine nerve ganglia: Pituitary
Obstacles to free flow: Not trusting intuition, indecision, denial
Goals: Following intuition, imagination

Crown Chakra

Represents: Connection to the universe
Location: Top of head
Color: Violet
Endocrine nerve ganglia: Pineal
Obstacles to free flow: Attachment to stuff or limiting beliefs
Goals: Awareness, consciousness


What is Chakra Support?

Chakra support is the process of assessing a person’s chakras to see which ones are out of balance, and then proceeding to help the body to support the specific chakras so that they are all working together in harmony with the energy flowing freely from one to the next. There is no time to perform chakra balancing at the first visit, but can be done at return visits if interested. Our chakras are constantly affected by our beliefs and experiences, so it is beneficial to assess them once in a while as we continually develop and grow in our lives.

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