A lot of people ask me for extra help beyond my office visits.

If you would like some personal assistance with your health to help you have a better quality of life (that's what I can do for you), here's what I can offer you:

I'll give you 60 minutes of my undivided attention as a
 SKYPE consultation for just a $150 flat fee, no hidden extras.

I will happily share everything I know with you to help you increase your health or overcome some other challenge that may be affecting your health.

In the 60 minutes you have me on skype you can:

                Pick my brain about any health subject you like

                Get my honest and helpful feedback on any health concerns you personally have via a detailed intake

                Get a tongue diagnosis (Traditional Chinese Medicine is able to connect tongue physiology with the function of systems)

                Go over your personalized health plan that may include nutritional and/or supplement recommendations that you can go out and buy at health stores, physical therapies, or stress management techniques (I will have you fill out detailed forms so that I can review prior to the consult)

                Be sent relevant health handouts

                Talk about anything else you may want to that you feel would be helpful to you

Call 717-669-1050 to Request a Consultation


Dr. Ann Lee, ND, L.Ac

Naturopathic Doctor

Licensed Acupuncturist