Best, Quickest, and Most Reliable Way to Get an Appointment:
Text 717-669-1050 with your first and last name for the scheduling system, best email to send the new patient forms, as well as days and times you are available.  Appointments are Monday through Friday: 9am, 10:15am, 11:30am, 12:45pm, 2pm, 3:15pm, 4:30pm, 5:45pm.  E-mailing for an appt is not as reliable as sometimes replies end up in a junk folder.  If you do not get a response within 24 hours, please call 717-669-1050, and leave a message.  If you would like speak to someone on the phone, please leave a message and indicate when is a good time to return your phone call.

Prepare For Your Visit: 

1) New patient forms will be e-mailed to you to complete prior to your visit.  E-mail or fax the forms back at least the night before your first visit so that Dr. Lee can review everything before she sees you.  Do not worry if you do not have any labwork- we can figure out at your first visit if any is necessary if at all.  If you do not have access to a computer or fax, forms can be requested to be mailed to you to fill out and mail back.  Please provide your mailing address to do so.  Once your forms are received, you will be contacted to set up an appt.

2) See directions on how to get to the clinic

3) Cash, checks (make payable to 'Health For Life Clinic'), and credit cards are accepted.  Many patients use their health savings accounts or flexible spending accounts.  The clinic does not process insurance, but a bill of service is provided if you wish to attempt reimbursement via your insurance company.  

4) Wear loose-fitting comfortable clothes, or bring clothes to change into.

5) Please cancel within 24 hours (cancellation fee $30).

6) Return check fee $50

(717) 669-1050

(717) 397-4543

Health For Life Clinic: Natural Medicine & Acupuncture 
112 N. Cornell Ave., Lancaster, PA 17603
(717) 669-1050

M-F 9am-7pm EST, Sat-Sun closed