Frequently Asked Questions
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Q: What is the cost?

Q: How can I pay?

A: Health savings accounts and flexible spending accounts are accepted.  According to the IRS, a nutritional supplement recommended by a medical practitioner can be a medical expense deduction.

Insurance is not processed.  A bill of service is provided if you would like to submit for any type of reimbursement.  Cash, checks (make payable to 'Health For Life Clinic'), and credit cards are accepted.

Q: What can I expect at the first visit?

Dr. Lee will have reviewed your questionnaire beforehand and will have follow-up questions to clarify and make a personalized assessment.  Once all questions are answered, either acupuncture or voice meditation will follow based on your preference for 20-25 minutes.  Dr. Lee will work on your plan during your session, and will review all the recommendations with you after your session.  You will receive a printout of your plan with explanations, and can email anytime after your visit with questions or clarifications.  Please keep yourself hydrated after each session.

Q: How are personalized assessments made?

A: Dr. Lee mainly relies on the detailed health questionnaire and one-on-one intake for analysis.  She has found that you know your body the best and relies on your feedback on how things are progressing to continually make adjustments to your plan.  Many patients have found it frustrating when bloodwork results do not reflect how you are actually feeling or come up normal when you are still experiencing symptoms.  Testing may be done for additional information, but assessments never solely rely on testing results, and testing is always optional.

Q: Is acupuncture covered by my medical insurance?

A: For information specific to your provider, please call your insurance company. The clinic, however, does not process insurance, but a bill of service is provided if you wish to attempt reimbursement via your insurance company by submitting it yourself once you have verified it with your insurance company. Patients have been able to use their health savings or flexible spending accounts for services. 

Q: What insurance do you accept and for what services?

A: The clinic does not process insurance. Most insurance covers therapy services with a physician's referral, some cover acupuncture under certain circumstances, but all insurance have limitations and regulations that must be met in order to have your services paid for. You need to check with your insurance carrier for your deductible, coverage, and limits. Regardless of insurance coverage, the fees for services provided at Health For Life Clinic, Inc. are your responsibility. A bill of service is provided if you wish to attempt reimbursement via your insurance company.  The clinic is able to process debit cards connected to health savings or flexible spending accounts.

Q: Do you have experience with my problem or condition?

A: I work with you as a person, not your condition.  You hold the key because your body has the ability to heal itself, and I provide you with the tools you need to heal.  Two people with the exact same condition may receive totally different health plans due to different genetic and environmental factors involved.  You will be getting your own personalized health plan.

Q: Does acupuncture hurt?

A: Only fine needles are used in acupuncture, and when they are inserted there is a slight sensation. Once inserted, the needles may cause numbness, a calming, or a dull, achy sensation.  Most of the time patients do not feel the needles.  The worst it may feel like is a bug bite or pinch- nothing as painful as shots or injections from a hypodermic needle.  Hypodermic needles are stiff, hollow, and thick for forcing liquid into body; whereas acupuncture needles are fine, flexible, and no thicker than a human hair or piece of thread.  First-time patients are usually amazed at how relaxed they can feel after the needles are inserted.

Q: Are the acupuncture needles re-used?

A: NO. Acupuncture needles are one-time use only, and immediately disposed of after use on each patient.  

Q: Is acupuncture safe?

A: Yes. The clinic uses only sterile, disposable needles, and Dr. Lee is certified by passing Clean Needle Techniques required by the NCCAOM (National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine).

Q: How deep do the acupuncture needles get inserted?

A: On average 1/8" deep.

Q: What are the acupuncture needles made of?

A: Stainless steel.

Q: Are supplements covered under my health savings account or flexible spending account?

A: Yes. According to the IRS, a nutritional supplement recommended by a medical practitioner can be a medical expense deduction.

Q: Do I need an appointment?

A: All patients must have an appointment, as walk-ins are not accepted. 

Q: Where are you located?

A: In Lancaster right off of Columbia Avenue, between Friendly's and KFC.

Q: How long has Dr. Lee been in practice?

A: She has been practicing in Lancaster, PA, since 2010.

Q: What styles of acupuncture does Dr. Lee practice?

A: Chinese TCM, Japanese, auricular techniques, electroacupuncture, Dr. Tan's Balance Method.  She personalizes her methods according to each patient's individual needs.

Q: Is there a good time during my cycle to have my first appointment for fertility?

A: In the beginning, acupuncture can be done anywhere in your cycle as your whole cycle is geared for baby-making.  Once we get to know your cycle better, we can look at targeting specific areas that may need more support later on.

Q: What kind of success does Dr. Lee have with patients?

A: Dr. Lee has realized throughout the years that the success of a patient correlates more to what that individual believes is possible for herself or himself, so it is of utmost importance to educate and work on each person's perceptions and beliefs on all levels.

Q: What can I expect after acupuncture?

A: Each individual responds to acupuncture differently- some feel more tired afterwards, some feel more energized afterwards.  Some notice effects immediately, some notice effects over time.  This is a great article on some of the possible physical effects of acupuncture from someone who had acupuncture for 3 months.  Click here to read the full article.

Q: How does acupuncture work?  What are the effects on the body?

Scientists have observed the following clinical effects of acupuncture:

Augmentation of Immunity Theory – Increased Immune Function & Resistance to Disease by Stimulating Immune Cells

Endorphin Theory – Reduction of Pain by Increasing Release of Endorphins

Neurotransmitter Theory – Inflammation Reduction & Altering Brain Chemistry by Changing the Release of Neurotransmitters and Neurohormones.

Circulatory Theory – Increases Blood Circulation & Smooth Muscle Relaxation

Gate Control Theory – Increases Pain Tolerance

Motor Gate Theory – Hastens Motor Recovery from Paralysis

Bioelectric Theory – Stimulate Cells of Tissue Growth & Repair

Nervous System Theories – Regulates Central Nervous System, Spinal & Peripheral Nerve Stimulation, Resulting in Specific Effects such as Regulating one's Blood Pressure, Blood Flow, and Body Temperature.

Q: I would love to see Dr. Lee, but she is too far away.  Are there any naturopaths or acupuncturists closer to me?

A: Here are links to find a naturopath or acupuncturist close to you by zip code:


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