"For once there is a place you can go where you really feel that your concerns are heard and that you are not rushed out the door.  I have always felt like when I go to other doctors with a concern they half hear what I'm saying and then just give antibiotics or some other quick fix to get you out the door.  Dr. Lee is not like that at all - she listens and comes up with a very carefully thought out method of approaching your concerns.  You can tell she's thinking about what is the best recommendations for your situation.  She has a great balance of being very professional but also a feeling of friendship where you can really open up.  She is truly an expert in her field and I am grateful to be able to be seen by Dr. Lee."

~ Michelle ~

"The healthcare system was not working for me.  I had been ill for a few years and then really sick for a year.  I was diagnosed with Lyme, Bartonella, and Babesia.  I lacked mental clarity, had depression, anxiety, insomnia, and a lot of fear.  I was exhausted.  I did nothing and I had much pain.  I could not perform at work or at home.

I found Dr. Lee about 7 weeks ago and have improved greatly.  On the first visit, the drive home was completely different.  Fear and anxiety were mysteriously gone.  They returned a few days before my next appt.  After the second visit, depression and anxiety were gone.  Also, I started noticing pain was relieved with sessions.  I was/am mystified by the energy work and its results, for me.

Next, I started incorporating homeopathic tinctures and supplements.  My energy level is slowly coming back.  My mood swings and being miserable are decreasing greatly.  I am still recovering and need much rest.  The big difference is that when I need rest, I can rest and when I am active I am comfortable doing my chores/duties and not trying so hard to perform at even a basic level.  The struggle is fading, for me.

It is very easy to talk to Dr. Lee.  She is knowledgeable, not only, in energy work and homeopathic medicine, but also in the myriad of struggles one may have, in addition to illness.  Her demeanor is friendly, professional, and understanding.

To follow this path, one may have to change daily habits and lifestyle choices.  I do!!  As she guides me through this process, I've noticed, she is client-centered in her speech and intent.  She does not "push."  She lets the client decide, if it is right.  I really like this aspect of her medicine!  She also demonstrates compassion, understanding, and a belief that everyone is meant to be comfortably living his or her life.

I highly recommend Dr. Lee for health and wellness!"

~ Andrea, public education, 25 years ~

"After living in a house with mold issues, I developed chronic allergies to nearly everything in the environment.  I was enrolled in allergy injection therapy for about 10 years with little positive change in my health.  After consulting with Dr. Lee, we decided to move forward with acupuncture, as well as, high quality vitamins and health supplements.  I have been more healthy in these last few months than I have been in the last decade."

~ Angela ~

"I am forever grateful for Dr. Lee and the care I have have received.  My overall health has vastly improved.  I have struggled with migraines the majority of my adult life.  I am excited to report I have been migraine-free since January.  My LDL cholesterol has also gone down 70 points.  Acupuncture, natural supplements, and Dr. Lee's guidance has helped me to become a "better me."  I feel happy, healthy, and well-balanced."

~ Nicole ~

"I am really surprised at the difference I feel.  I have learned to live with a certain level of pain that I don't even think about it any more.  I feel the best I have felt in a long time in terms of my back!  Yesterday was the true test when I was able to transfer someone from his wheelchair to the mat table at work, which I have not been able to do in 2 months.  I usually always feel it in my back even when using proper body mechanics.  I keep thinking I am going to do something and will go back to my "normal" level of pain.  I find myself completing tasks that would normally cause pain, without pain!  Every so often there is a little tinge, but that's all.  I am so amazed at how my back feels that I wonder what else we could work on!"

~ Danielle ~

"Having never been to a Naturopath before, I was not sure what to think about my first appointment my husband had made for me with Dr. Lee.  I had been through extensive testing with medical doctors and specialists and sort of knew what I was dealing with, but was not sure how it was to be treated besides steroids, which I did not want to take and I was not feeling well.  From my first session, I felt like Dr. Lee viewed me as a human being and not just a person with test results giving her business.  She listened to me, was very personable and honest, both of which I appreciated.  I began to take natural supplements she recommended and as time past I started to see that I was feeling better.  She is such a positive person and so encouraging.  I had suffered from severe anxiety amongst other things, and I have been amazed how much better I have become.  I would recommend Dr. Lee to anyone.  She has been and continues to be a great help to me."

~ Teresa ~

"The experience I had with Dr. Lee was outstanding.  I would highly recommend her to anyone who may be struggling with anxiety, stress, insomnia, or depression.  I found her to be very professional right from the start.  The information on her website is accurate and that is what brought me to schedule my first appointment.  Her process for communication was excellent both before and after my appointments.  Her professionalism and time she invested to help me understand my medical condition was very beneficial.  The acupuncture session was painless and was actually very relaxing and comfortable.  My results were exactly what I was hoping for.  I strongly encourage anyone reading this to contact her for more information and to schedule an appointment."

~ Bob ~

"She is a very patient and a great listener.  There has not been one health concern that I have mentioned to her that she has not helped or given me a natural remedy for.  These health concerns include arthritis, heartburn, facial flesh wounds, aching back pain, and depression.  I have also taken Dr. Lee's advice on proper diet and eating to become and remain as healthy as possible.  Since I started this diet I have been feeling less hungry, more energetic, and I don't get sick ever!  I would recommend Dr. Lee to anyone with health concerns no matter how big or small."

~ Mike ~

"If you read the testimonials on this page, you will quickly determine that Dr. Lee is highly respected for her attention to each individual and for the recommendations and information that she provides. More important, people who see Dr. Lee feel better and are able to achieve many of their health and lifestyle goals. While some were searching for an alternative to conventional medicine, I was seeking a complement to it. I wanted to continue some medications that I need while finding ways to treat headaches, lack of energy caused by Lyme disease, and muscle/joint tenderness--without pills that can produce difficult side effects. I have never worked with a doctor who has Dr. Lee’s acute intelligence, experience, listening ability, empathy, research skills, and holistic approach. If I had discovered Dr. Lee earlier in my life, I would not have lost so much ground before starting naturopathic modalities and beginning the road back to health. But the transforming news for me, and for all of us, is that Dr. Lee and Health for Life Clinic exist and can help us no matter what our age or need. See for yourself!"

~ Kristin ~

"I didn't feel ANY pain in my left heel from Tuesday to Friday.  I was so amazed and just didn't want to say anything that I might wake up from a dream!  Ha!  I just couldn't believe I went through a whole day without any sharp pain in that area.  Amazing!!!  I am very encouraged and wanted you to know.  I definitely feel different after seeing you.  I will keep following your instruction and look forward to diving into the diet plan after the holidays.  Thank you again and I'll see you next week!" 

~ Patti ~

“She has a very warm, open face and welcoming demeanor. It is clear that she is an avid and sincere listener. One experiences with her a partnership that includes that of a confidant, coach and advocate.  My experience with her includes not only dedication, but also attention to detail, willingness to do research and think "outside of the box" in a caring and intuitive manner.  The net effect of this is that I grow, learn more and take increasing responsibility of my health.  Her style of practice is one of education and enlightenment for all, delivering information, service and healing in a manner that will resonate with the client.”

~ Dave ~

“Ann's approach is superb, as she works WITH me as a person.  Taking into account my lifestyle and other factors, Ann provides a sound and flexible plan to alleviate or eliminate the migraines I have suffered from for decades.  It is evident that her knowledge is deep and she draws from it easily and appropriately.  I have not had to fill my prescription for migraines for a year since coming to the clinic."

~ Patty ~

“Dr. Lee is simply the best of doctors, naturopathic or otherwise.  She is a great listener and brings a lot of knowledge and understanding.  Her intelligence, attention to detail, level of care, and expertise is second to none.  I felt completely taken care of, in a way I have not by any other doctor.  I would highly recommend her to anyone, for any range of illnesses."

~ Maura ~

"Finally I have hope after suffering with hormonal imbalances and adult acne for 30+ years.  Dr. Lee is a caring and compassionate Naturopathic Doctor.  She is friendly, professional, and I feel very comfortable in her care.  She started our relationship with a thorough health history, listening to my health concerns prior to my first visit, and had a plan ready to go from Day 1!  I was impressed, excited, and hopeful!  I have only been under Dr. Lee's care for one month, but am already seeing results!  As I continue to make all the recommended lifestyle changes and commit to her plan 100%, I am confident I will have beautiful skin!  She freely takes the time to correspond with me by e-mail answering any of my questions that may arise before my next visit.  I definitely recommend Dr. Lee!"

~ Carol ~

"Dr. Lee is truly wonderful.  She is kind, warmhearted and genuine doctor who cares and listens to you.  She did an amazing job of ferreting out the root cause of my issues and I have sustained health thanks to her.  Chronic pain can be exhausting and I am so happy that I have Dr. Lee on my side to help me navigate the unique way that my body handles stress.  Through acupuncture and her homeopathic remedies I have reached a new level of health and even feel vibrant for the first time in a long time.  Her sessions where she fuses both light touch and acupuncture is unlike anything I have ever experienced.  So calming and healing.  I will forever be thankful to Dr. Lee and feel blessed to have her in my life."

~ Jamie ~

"My son was born at 11:45 on Friday, just approximately 24 hours after our second acupuncture session.  I actually started feeling the early signs of labor that afternoon, but real steady contractions did not start until 3 am.  The whole labor lasted only 9 hours, I did not use any pain medication, and I only had to push for 7 minutes!"

~ Alexa ~

"I HIGHLY recommend Dr. Lee.  In fact, I could not recommend her more highly.  I am a fibromyalgia sufferer.  I started going to Dr. Lee at a time when my fibromyalgia was in full bloom, and my prescribed medication was not lessening the pain.  After 6 weeks, I feel GREAT.  Dr. Lee is not only a great practitioner, but tries to tie all aspects of your health.  She is diligent in checking on my progress and ALWAYS has done some type of research, and has an article, suggestion, etc. to offer at my next appointment.  THANK YOU Dr. Lee for your care!"

~ Rachel ~

"I highly recommend Dr. Lee for any health issues you may be having.  She will come alongside you and develop a plan of action for your specific circumstance.  I sought her out after reading numerous articles/books mentioning acupuncture helping couples to conceive.  I was thrilled to know she not only has a background in acupuncture, but as a naturopathic doctor as well.  I was growing weary of self diagnosing and trying different supplements on my own.  My husband and I had been trying to conceive for a year and a half when we first met with Dr. Lee.  I've always believed that infertility is only a temporary condition that is caused by a variety of conditions (auto-immune disorder, thyroid issues, vitamin deficiencies, PCOS, etc.).  However, month after month of disappointment wears on you.  November, (6 months after working with Dr. Lee), I was starting to feel as though God was directing us toward foster care to adoption.  I continued seeing Dr. Lee because I believe in holistic health, but I can't say I didn't begin to doubt our ability to change infertility.  Well, God blessed us right before Christmas with our first positive pregnancy test.  We had our first ultrasound at 9 weeks, and when I heard the heartbeat, my heart melted.  It was real.  I felt blessed and so thankful. I credit Dr. Lee's knowledge and acupuncture as part of our success.  She worked with me to establish a healthy diet, eliminating food allergies, and recommended supplements to create a body capable of conceiving.  I also credit God and his perfect timing.  We are so thankful.  To those of you enduring the difficult journey of infertility, I encourage you to not lose hope.  My heart goes out to each and every one of you."

~ Nicole ~

“Dr. Lee is an absolutely amazing all-around doctor and person.  She not only listens to every single complaint that you have, but she works with you in order to eradicate it from your life.  She will go above and beyond the 'call of duty' in order to help you especially in the event of an emergency.  I can't say enough great things about her.  I was nervous when I went for my first appointment because I was unsure of what to expect.  Acupuncture is the most unusual and exhilarating experience I've ever had-- it's incredible.  I've suffered from insomnia for 3 years, and 2 days after acupuncture I felt like I could sleep all day.  I did not wake up all night, and I didn't even remember my husband leaving for work at 6!  Since I've been under her care, I have felt better than I have in years and will continue to improve from here.  I'm blessed to have found her!" 

~ Jayme ~

“I came to Health for Life Clinic seeking relief for symptoms of Poly-cystic Ovaries Syndrome.  I now have a regular menstrual cycle without the premenstrual emotional roller coaster, or the debilitating cramps.  Dr. Lee is professional, knowledgeable and easy-going.  She listens to her clients.  I look forward to my acupuncture treatments.  They are deeply relaxing and they renew my energy.  I would recommend Dr. Lee to anyone who suffers from PCOS or anything else." 

~ Charmaine ~

“I am taking half the dose of anti-depressant, and now I can feel things much stronger, with a positive change in my outlook.  While I wish I had made major changes in my eating habits, that has not changed significantly.  I do walk in the mornings which has really been a plus.  So I have to say, that not making many changes in my daily life, I can't believe how just the acupuncture sessions, alone, have made me feel.  While it has taken several months, my thinking is MUCH better, clearer, and my ability to express things clearly has greatly improved.  I remember things the way I did about 25 years ago.  I have more energy, more positive attitude, and overall just feel good.  My energy, in spite of the shorter days, is the best in years.  I feel different, better, healthier.  Imagine how great it would be if I made the dietary changes!!!  I am still working on that, and it will be my New Year's resolution.  Thanks for all your help and all the research you do to bring me answers." 

~ Nettie ~

“I have been doing great with the anxiety and have an appt with my doc to decrease my dose of zoloft and hopefully eliminate it altogether soon.  I have even been riding elevators!”

~ Amanda ~

“Dr. Lee is extremely knowledgeable and listens to every concern.  She explains things simply and helps you understand your body.  I've been working with her for just a few months and already I have improved dramatically.  She helped with the healing process after my knee surgery.  It healed very quickly- now the swelling is almost completely gone.  I am now bringing my son to see her.”

~ Sharon ~

“Dr. Lee is a godsend.  I was feeling very frustrated battling chronic insomnia and depression.  After several sessions, I was sleeping better and felt more hopeful than ever before.  She takes the time to listen to all my concerns and is the consummate professional.  I highly recommend her and alternative medicine.”

~ Aida ~

“I have seen a lot of difference in me since coming.  When I first came I was very stressed, depressed, and had chest pain.  It all changed really from the start . . . I have no more chest pains, am now more relaxed, and am able to handle stressful situations without anger.  It is very different from going to a regular doctor.  I have a chance to talk about all my concerns and use natural therapies.”

~ Jose ~

“I highly recommend Dr. Lee, her expertise, and her services.  I came to her in hopes of more effective pain management for back pain caused by scoliosis and hand pain due to computer keyboard overuse.  By combining Dr. Lee's targeted acupuncture sessions with the personalized nutritional plan that she recommended for me, I've realized exceptional results.  Not only has my overall pain level decreased significantly, but my athletic performance AND my powers of concentration have reached new heights.  I'm also impressed with Dr. Lee's sincere, genuine approach to her client relationships.  She takes the time to explain everything in detail - you never feel rushed or like a number at her office!  Whether you're dealing with a chronic health issue, or simply want to enhance your existing level of wellness - I encourage you to see Dr. Lee at Health For Life Clinic, Inc.”

~ Dawn ~

“Before coming to Dr. Lee, our three-year-old daughter had been nearly crawling out of her skin.  She had become a danger to herself and her siblings due to her central nervous system damage and sensory processing disorder.  We were looking for a natural and SAFE alternative to over-prescribed medications such as Ritalin that damage the liver.  We could not be more relieved or more pleased with the results of Dr. Lee's homeopathic and reiki sessions.  Our daughter is calm, sleeps well, and most importantly her joyful personality is able to shine.  Dr. Lee is so friendly and patient our daughter is happy to go for a visit.   We would recommend Dr. Lee to any parent!”

~ Charmaine and Ryan ~

“My husband initially visited Dr. Lee at the recommendation of his chiropractor, as he was challenged with chronic pain.  The combination of chiropractic care with the acupuncture and naturopathic medicine services had a markedly positive effect on my husband's health.  His pain level is lower, awareness of healthy eating, and proper posture have improved his quality of life and the quality of our lives as a couple.  During one of my husband's early visits, I accompanied him to learn more about Dr. Lee's medical philosophy and array of services.  Shortly thereafter he gave me a gift of several sessions over 2-3 months.  In the course of the sessions, Dr. Lee was attentive to my overall health.  She answered questions about supplements, anything I asked about acupuncture, and integrated attention to minor health issues.  Her openness, very positive energy, patience, and attention to detail inspire confidence in her knowledge and her abilities.”

~ Martha ~

“If you have ever considered alternative medicine, then Health For Life Clinic, Inc. is your answer.  Four months ago, I was diagnosed with sudden hearing loss, a common, but frustrating malady for the medical profession to treat.  The prescribed remedy is an immediate, strong round of prednisone.  Unfortunately, this did not work for me, and my symptoms of hearing loss in one ear, vertigo, and tinnitus persisted.  I was told by my family doctor and ENT specialist that nothing more could be done, except to wait for my hearing to possibly return and the other symptoms to subside.  Seriously depressed and anxious, I turned to Dr. Lee for help.  I completed a detailed health questionnaire which in itself was impressively extensive and thorough.  I soon found out that Dr. Lee is an exemplary model for the finest holistic healthcare that I have ever experienced.  She considers every aspect about you (diet, supplements, exercise, relaxation, environment, etc.).  You'll find that no question or concern is too small or insignificant to her.  She is honest, forthright, and practical while being compassionate, caring, and sensitive at the same time.  She truly has a profound gift for healing.  Dr. Lee finds answers and presents creative, innovative strategies that produce results.  Her energy and motivation to help you are boundless.  She is always interested in your health updates and is wonderful at coordinating her care with the recommendations of your medical physicians.  Initially, Dr. Lee develops a master health plan for you which she continues to revise in order to address your current needs.  By now I have had 12 acupuncture sessions.  At first, I was apprehensive since acupuncture was something new to me, but any anxiety I felt soon disappeared.  Dr. Lee has a calm, gentle way and a light, deft touch.  Acupuncture always leaves me relaxed, yet energetic.  It seems to release negativity and pain.  The dark veil of despondency has lifted which is a miracle in itself, since I have struggled with depression for much of my life.  The vertigo is gone I am thrilled to report.  I no longer have headaches.  The hearing loss and tinnitus are still with me, but I am hopeful that perhaps these too can resolve or at least improve.  The most significant aspect for me is that I am now healthier and happier, and I owe it all to Dr. Lee.  She is thorough, meticulous, knowledgable, professional, proactive: a truly gifted naturopathic doctor.”

~ Joan ~

“I have been battling a number of nagging joint issues for over a year when I began with Dr. Ann Lee.  She thoroughly assessed my physical issues ahead of time and was prepared with a plan during my initial visit.  I was encouraged as my pain management became remarkably easier and was able to do more in the way of preventative exercise.  After a few weeks of sessions, an ankle, which had been chronically swollen after an accident 6 years prior, had returned to a more normal state without the use of ice and anti-inflammatory medicine.  The only thing I had been doing differently?  Acupuncture!  I highly recommend working with Dr. Lee to anyone willing to get effective, excellent care.”

~ Patrick ~

“I went to Dr. Lee for acupuncture on my arthritic back and hips and for upper back and shoulder stiffness.  I didn't want to go the route of prescription painkillers or surgery--- I felt there had to be another way.  I've found great relief from pain, and I'm very hopeful that I can avoid those other, more drastic interventions.  I've spent a day wandering through a museum, which previously would be a problem walking on hard floors.  I've also resumed playing the piano, which I'd been unable to do without pain.  Don't be fearful: the process is extraordinarily relaxing, and Dr. Lee is a knowledgeable and gentle practitioner.”

~ John ~

“I wanted to keep you updated with how everything is going for me.  I am officially 3 months pregnant with TWINS!!!!  We are so happy!  I just wanted to thank you so much for everything.  I strongly believe that the acupuncture helped me get pregnant.  Thank you for helping me achieve my dream!  I referred someone to you today!  I told her how amazing you are!”

~ Brittani ~

“I woke up this morning for the first time since Christmas with no headache.  I am well on my way to cutting soda, and have not craved any soda since.  It has been easier than I thought, thanks to you.  My sinuses are also much better.  I am not sure what you did at my appointment last night, but it sure worked.  Thank you so much!  I look forward to my next appointment.”

~ Ann ~

“Making the decision to go to Health For Life Clinic, Inc. was the best health decision I could have made. For months, I had been to doctor after doctor and no one was able to help me with my stomach issues. Dr. Lee really took time to get to know me and my situation. She approached my treatment from a whole health perspective. When other doctors just wanted to give me a pill to superficially deal with my issues, Dr. Lee looked at my overall health and wellness to come up with my plan. Not only does my stomach feel so much better, overall I feel better today than I have in a really long time. After living with stomach discomfort for a long time, you think that it is just the way you are going to feel. Since seeing Dr. Lee, I realize that I did not need to feel badly all the time and that how I feel now is how I am supposed to feel.”

~ Elizabeth ~

“I was referred to Dr. Lee from pain management for my degenerative disc disease and subsequent cervical fusion surgeries. I had tried several treatments such as physical therapy, injections, and medications, but continued with much neck and arm pain. In just a few acupuncture sessions, I am finally pain free! I am sleeping better, feel re-energized and glad to have my life back. Wish I would have done it sooner!”

~ Kathryn ~

“My visits with Dr. Lee have become an integral part of my journey towards well-being.  She offers a safe place where I can be listened to, receive dietary advice, and experience acupuncture's mysteries and benefits.”

~ Karen ~

“Dr. Lee has been a God send to me.  She has helped me through some difficult times and is always willing to listen.  She spends a great deal of time answering all my questions and keeps in contact with me so I stay on course.  I strongly recommend her and wish I would have found her years ago.  Of course she was not born yet, but I would have loved to have had her in my younger years.  She is very understanding, gives you her undivided attention, and her kindness goes over and above the normal.”

~ Crystal ~

"This evening when I was working out I found I can now internally rotate my right shoulder to reach behind my back and can touch my fingers with my left arm over my head.  Prior to my acupuncture sessions the highest I could reach was to my mid back.  I'm really amazed- I haven't been able to do this in two years.  Thank you so much- I really think this is helping with my rhomboid trigger points." 

~ Sherry ~

"I just wanted to let you know that I came home and crashed napped after I saw you, and was still in some pain, but the pressure to my sacrum was greatly reduced, and I could move very gingerly.  I slept well and woke up this morning greatly relieved!  Thank you so much- the pain is no longer fogging my brain, and I feel on my way back to a positive course.  Also the menopausal heat waves are greatly reduced, and my body temperature is more back to a regular course.  Thanks again, please know how much you are appreciated!"

~ Robin ~

"I want to thank you because after our session, I am experiencing breakthroughs in all areas.  My whole perspective has changed for the better in many ways.  When I came I was in a state of devastation and when I left, I felt not only at peace about my situation but I observed that I could not cry about it anymore, because there was just nothing to cry about.  Weird because there was such as ease about it, and I felt calm, strong, and vibrating with hope and feeling alive with potential about the future.  Great job on helping me hone in on what needed to be cleared!  I reached out to people I had not seen in years, and they have embraced me and shown me so much support and love, and I was actually receiving it!  My experience with you was nothing less than transformative.  So thank you and I'll keep you posted on my progress."

~ Nancy ~

“I was a little afraid of acupuncture before I came to Dr. Lee, but she certainly eased my fears.  Sessions are relaxing and comforting.  Obviously Dr. Lee cares about her clients and finds the appropriate methods of healing them.  Dr. Lee used acupuncture and healing touch the day the pain in my shoulder vanished.  Before going to Dr. Lee, I could not life my left arm over my head without pain, and now I am pain-free!”

~ Bonnie ~

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